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Concierge Care & In-Home Services

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Introducing Wound and Burn Centers of America, the global leader in comprehensive wound healing services. Our concierge care and in-home services bring exceptional treatment to your doorstep. With unparalleled expertise and innovative techniques, we heal humankind one wound at a time.

What Is Concierge Care & In-Home Services?

Concierge care offers a convenient and personalized approach to wound healing. Rather than commuting to our center, our regional medical director conducts house calls, providing a full range of specialized treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own residence. This unique service allows us to assess your living environment, identify potential obstacles to recovery, and focus on prevention. Please note that concierge services may not be covered by health insurance plans.

Benefits Of Concierge Care & In-Home Services:

  • Convenient access to specialized wound healing services
  • Personalized treatment in the comfort of your own residence
  • Comprehensive assessments of your living environment
  • Identification of potential barriers to recovery
  • Emphasis on preventive measures
  • Unparalleled expertise of board-certified specialists
  • Exceptional care tailored to your unique needs

Wound and Burn Centers of America proudly serves as the exclusive provider of advanced wound healing services for the residents of Catalina Island as a Visiting Specialist for Catalina Island Health.

Why Choose Wound and Burn Centers of
America for Your Concierge Care & In-Home Services?

Wound and Burn Centers of America stands out as the premier choice for your concierge care and in-home services. Our concierge services are NOT “nurse visits” but rather house calls carried out by our exceptionally trained regional medical directors. As the pioneering provider of wound healing services in the US, we have not only utilized but also developed the latest advancements in the field. We set the bar. From innovative wound healing techniques to groundbreaking advances in regenerative medicine, our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

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