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Non-Surgical Skin Grafting

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Introducing non-surgical skin grafting at Wound and Burn Centers of America. Led by world-renowned physician Dr. Hajhosseini, our expertise and advanced techniques offer a game-changing alternative to surgical intervention. With minimal complications, faster recovery, and optimal healing outcomes, we’re revolutionizing wound treatment, one graft at a time.

Imagery on non-surgical solutions as part of wound healing in Los Angeles.

What Is Skin Grafting?

Skin grafting is a medical procedure that involves taking healthy skin from one area of the body and transplanting it to another area where the skin is damaged or missing. Within a few days, the grafted skin begins to develop blood vessels and connect to the skin around it. Traditional skin grafting is a surgical procedure that requires hospital admission and general anesthesia, and is associated with considerable pain and discomfort. We offer a groundbreaking alternative — non-surgical skin grafting, resulting in expedited recovery, minimal complications, and superior healing outcomes.

Reasons You May Need Skin Grafting:

  • Extensive burns or injuries
  • Non-healing wounds or ulcers
  • Surgical removal of skin tumors
  • Congenital skin defects
  • Severe infections or skin conditions

The Traditional Skin Grafting Method

The traditional method of skin grafting involves a surgical procedure performed in a hospital setting. The patient is placed under general anesthesia as healthy skin is harvested from one area of the body and transplanted to the damaged or missing skin site. The procedure can be time-consuming, lasting several hours, and carries the risk of complications such as infection and pathologic scarring. Pain and a longer recovery period are common drawbacks associated with this approach.

Drawbacks Of Surgical (Traditional) Skin Grafting:

  • Hospital admission and general anesthesia required
  • Lengthy procedure with the potential for complications
  • Risk of infection and pathologic scarring
  • Associated pain and discomfort
  • Longer recovery period

Our Non-Surgical Approach To Skin Grafting

At Wound and Burn Centers of America, we offer a revolutionary non-surgical approach to skin grafting. Our procedure is performed in an office setting, eliminating the need for hospital admission and general anesthesia. Utilizing innovative technology, we can precisely harvest micrografts from the donor site that comprise the epidermis (plus various amounts of the underlying dermis) and graft them to the recipient site. The dressing is applied to secure the micrografts at the recipient site. The donor site would typically heal within 2 weeks, faster than the surgical (traditional) approach, and with minimal pain and complications. Non-surgical skin grafting might not be as effective in the case of extensive skin defects.

Dr. Hajhosseini, a world-renowned physician and specialist in burn injury in Los Angeles.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Skin Grafting:

  • No need for hospital admission or general anesthesia
  • Minimally invasive procedure performed in an office setting
  • Reduced pain and discomfort during and after the procedure
  • Faster recovery compared to traditional surgical skin grafting
  • Minimal complications such as infection and pathologic scarring
  • Optimal healing outcomes with improved integration of grafted skin

Why Choose Wound and Burn Centers of
America for Non-Surgical Skin Grafting?

Wound and Burn Centers of America is the premier choice for non-surgical skin grafting. Led by renowned physician Dr. Hajhosseini, our commitment to innovation ensures exceptional care and superior results. With our office-based approach, you can experience expedited recovery, minimal complications, and optimal healing. Don’t wait to transform your wound-healing journey. Schedule an appointment, and take advantage of the latest revolutions in skin grafting.

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