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Limb Preservation

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Wound and Burn Centers of America follows a comprehensive limb preservation program led by world-renowned physician Dr. Babak Hajhosseini. With unparalleled expertise and innovative techniques, we aim to save and maintain functional limbs, combatting complex wounds and eliminating preventable amputations. We save limbs and transform lives.

How Complex Wounds & Burn Injuries Threaten Limbs

Complex wounds, also known as chronic wounds, are wounds that fail to heal in a timely manner due to underlying factors such as diabetes or arterial disease. These wounds often develop slowly and are difficult to manage. Burn injuries, on the other hand, can result from various sources, such as fires, chemicals, and radiation, causing extensive tissue damage. Complex wounds and severe burn injuries can compromise blood supply, cause infections, and increase the risk of amputation if not promptly and effectively treated.

Signs & Symptoms Of Limb-Threatening Wounds:

  • Severe pain
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Deep ulcers or sores
  • Gangrene or tissue necrosis
  • Prolonged redness or inflammation
  • Foul odor
  • Increased swelling or edema
  • Limited range of motion
  • Impaired sensation or numbness
  • Poor blood circulation
Image depicting an injured foot before wound healing in Los Angeles.

The Importance Of A Comprehensive,
Multi-Disciplinary Limb Preservation Program

Complex wounds account for over 80% of non-traumatic amputations. Proper management of complex wounds necessitates a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach, as no single medical specialty possesses all the necessary tools to heal every type of wound. This is particularly evident when addressing limb-threatening wounds related to diabetes or arterial disease. A well-established limb preservation program is crucial, as it unites experts from diverse specialties with a primary objective of saving and sustaining functional limbs. By fostering collaboration, we enhance patient outcomes and prevent unnecessary amputations.

Early Identification Of Patients With At-Risk Limbs

At Wound and Burn Centers of America, we employ proactive strategies to identify patients with at-risk limbs at the earliest possible stage. By closely monitoring individuals with conditions like diabetes or arterial disease, conducting thorough assessments, and using advanced diagnostic tools, we promptly identify warning signs. Our experienced team pays attention to factors such as non-healing wounds, vascular insufficiency, and other indicators to ensure timely intervention and initiate appropriate treatment plans for preserving and maintaining functional limbs.

Our Objective: Eliminate Preventable Amputations

At Wound and Burn Centers of America, our overarching objective is to eliminate preventable amputations. Through our comprehensive limb preservation program, we provide timely and effective interventions, innovative treatments, and multidisciplinary care. By combining the expertise of our renowned specialists, state-of-the-art technologies, and cutting-edge therapies, we are dedicated to saving and maintaining functional limbs, allowing patients to regain their quality of life and avoid the devastating consequences of amputation.

The Principal Objectives Of Our Limb Preservation Program:

  • Identify patients with at-risk limbs early on
  • Implement timely multidisciplinary treatment regimens and follow-up plans
  • Function as a central hub for coordinating care among multiple specialty providers
  • Eliminate preventable amputations (the ultimate goal)

Why Choose Wound and Burn Centers of
America for Limb Preservation?

Wound and Burn Centers of America is the premier choice for limb preservation. Our providers possess unparalleled training and expertise in combating the most challenging limb-threatening wounds. With access to innovative techniques, cutting-edge technologies, and exclusive novel products pioneered by our practice, we are at the forefront of limb preservation advancements. We set the bar. By choosing us, you gain the assurance of receiving exceptional care and the opportunity to benefit from our leadership in the field.

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