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Venous Wounds
Los Angeles

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At Wound and Burn Centers of America, led by world-renowned physician Dr. Hajhosseini, we specialize in treating venous wounds, also known as venous insufficiency ulcers. With our expertise and innovative approaches, we deliver comprehensive solutions, including cutting-edge therapies, ensuring optimal healing and preventing potential complications. For any venous wounds in Los Angeles, trust us to help you to heal and to restore your quality of life.

About Venous Wounds

Venous wounds, also known as venous insufficiency ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, or varicose vein wounds, are leg ulcers caused by compromised blood flow in the leg veins. When blood cannot efficiently return to the heart, it accumulates and creates pressure in the veins. This leads to damage to the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in the formation of ulcers. At Wound and Burn Centers of America, we specialize in understanding and treating these complex wounds, offering advanced therapies to promote healing and prevent complications.

Signs & Symptoms Of Venous Wounds:

  • Persistent leg ulcers, typically located around the ankle or lower leg
  • Open sores with irregular edges and a shallow appearance
  • Discolored skin around the ulcer, often with a reddish or brownish tint
  • Swelling (edema) in the affected leg, especially toward the end of the day
  • Pain or discomfort in the leg, ranging from aching to a burning sensation
  • Itching or a feeling of heaviness in the leg
  • Skin tightness or tightness of the calf muscles
  • Varicose veins or visible twisted veins on the leg
  • Slow-healing wounds that do not show signs of improvement over time
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Our Approach To Venous Wounds Treatments

Our approach to treating venous wounds in Los Angeles involves a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. We adhere to the latest management guidelines and employ fundamental wound-healing measures to promote optimal healing. This includes compression therapy to improve circulation, debridement to remove dead tissue, and rigorous infection control measures.

To tackle challenging wounds, we leverage innovative technologies and products available exclusively at our practice, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, laser therapy, bioengineered skin and soft tissue substitutes, non-surgical skin grafting, growth factor-based therapies, and stem cell therapies. We work closely with highly skilled vascular surgeons specialized in this field to address the needs of patients who would benefit from surgical interventions to restore proper circulation.

Our commitment to patient care extends beyond initial treatment. Regular, weekly follow-up appointments and continuous reassessments are integral to monitoring progress and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. By providing comprehensive, personalized care, we aim to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient with venous wounds in Los Angeles.

Venous Wounds FAQs

What are other names for venous wounds?

Venous wounds are also known as venous Insufficiency ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, and varicose vein wounds.

What is a venous wound?

A venous wound is a type of leg ulcer that develops due to impaired blood flow or circulation in the leg veins. These wounds occur when blood pools in the veins, leading to increased pressure and subsequent damage to the skin tissue. Prompt treatment is crucial to prevent complications and promote healing.

Illustration of venous wounds in Los Angeles.
Imagery of venous wounds in Los Angeles.

How do venous ulcers form?

Venous ulcers form when there is a disruption in the flow of oxygen-poor blood from the extremities back to the heart. This causes blood to accumulate and exert pressure within the veins, resulting in damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Over time, the damaged tissue develops into an ulcer, requiring specialized treatment for healing.

What causes venous wounds?

Venous wounds in Los Angeles require urgent treatment so that they do not get worse over time. Venous wounds are primarily caused by conditions that affect the intricate valves within your veins responsible for maintaining blood circulation. These valves play a crucial role in propelling blood against gravity, ensuring it reaches the heart efficiently. When venous diseases compromise these valves, blood flow becomes impaired, leading to the formation of ulcers. Furthermore, venous wounds can be triggered by venous obstructions, such as blockages caused by blood clots, or varicose veins.

Biological picture of the vein valve faulty causing venous wounds in Los Angeles.

What is the value of treating a venous ulcer?

Venous ulcers don’t heal on their own. The longer you live with them, the greater the likelihood of permanent tissue damage. The damage can spread and lead to infection, which could result in limb loss (amputation) or threaten your life.

Why Choose Wound and Burn Centers
of America for Venous Wound Treatment?

Wound and Burn Centers of America is your premier choice for the treatment of venous wounds in Los Angeles. Our team comprises board-certified wound healing specialists who have undergone extensive fellowship training in complex wounds and burn injuries. We have contributed to groundbreaking techniques and guidelines that shape the field. By choosing us, you benefit from our unmatched expertise, innovative technologies, and exclusive treatments. Schedule an appointment, and let us help you heal your venous wounds effectively.

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